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You should buy your next plasma cutter here at Scotech Welding. We have a wide range of plasma cutters and plasma cutting equipment from industry leading brands. When you buy a plasma cutter from us, you know that it comes from a respected manufacturer with all of our plasma cutting equipment being of the highest quality. It’s what makes Scotech Welding one of the leading suppliers of plasma cutter equipment throughout the UK and beyond. We are industry experts with several years’ experience providing a committed, dedicated service to all our customers. It is for this reason our customers keep returning to us time and again over the years for their business needs. At Scotech Welding, we have a strong commitment to only providing the most reliable and efficient plasma cutter equipment and related accessories. That is why, when we talk to you, we will do our best to ascertain your business needs and requirements before deciding on the most appropriate solution.

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As well as the wide range of plasma cutting machines we stock, we also stock a wide range of consumables and accessories for all types of manual plasma cutting. It is a comprehensive service we greatly pride ourselves on as it enables us to cater to all of our customers’ needs whilst having the supplies to help with any foreseen or unforeseen repair needs. Along with any piece of equipment, it’s important you get the right safety equipment to go with your plasma cutter. Such safety equipment will help protect you and keep you safe in the unfortunate instance that you encounter a dangerous or life threatening situation. Check out our Safety Equipment range for safety goggles, gloves and other protective equipment. If you are unsure which plasma cutter is the right one for your needs, call our helpful sales team on 01698 745 400 and they will be more than happy to talk you through the range to find the perfect tool for the job. Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team will listen to your individual business needs and requirements before alighting on a solution sure to offer the greatest benefits.

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Scotech Welding Supplies is your one stop shop for all of the machinery, equipment and consumables that you’ll ever need for any type of welding work. For plasma cutter tools as well as all other related equipment and accessories, we are one of the leading suppliers in the industry. We continually aim to improve our service including the range of products we stock for customers so that our customers always have the best market available plasma cutter equipment at their disposal. Call our experienced and helpful staff today for any advice you may need, or simply check out our online shop. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to plasma cutter equipment and accessories. They will ascertain your current business situation before recommending a product that will enable your operations to soar to even greater heights!