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A History of Making Welding Machines

Lincoln Electric have been making welding machines for well over 100 years, and are one of the best makers of welding machines in the world today. Here at Scotech Welding Supplies, we have a wide range of Lincoln Welders, consumables and accessories in stock and available to order online. Our range is best known for its reliability, efficiency and quality by our customers who make a point of returning to us time and again when they require our services.

Our range of Welding Machines carries the following Lincoln Welders:

  • Lincoln Stick Welders

Industrial grade technology on the individual Lincoln Welders

Lincoln Electric use the same level of quality and technology in their hand operated welders as they do in the fully automated machinery they build for the automotive and manufacturing industries. This commitment to development and build quality has made Lincoln Welders one of the best makes of welding machines on the market today, and one of the main reasons that we sell so many of them. All Lincoln welding machines are fully guaranteed and recommended by our returning customers. Such is the great level of our service for customers, we are understandably regarded as one of the best suppliers in the industry of Lincoln Welders and welding machines. Our professional, friendly experts are always on hand to provide their much sought after advice and knowledge to ensure you and your business get the most out of us.

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Spares, consumables and accessories for all Lincoln Welders

As well as supplying Lincoln Welding Machines and Generators, we also supply all of the consumables, parts and accessories that you may need for your existing Lincoln welders. We stock everything from generators, wire feeders, Rod Ovens, plasma cutters, electrodes and wire for all types of welding machines. We are there for you should your technology and equipment encounter problems. After all, no matter how advanced or specialised your equipment is, the risk is always there of wear and tear, accidental damage or freak accidents. To sum it up, you need an efficient, reliable supplier who can resolve issues and take a pre-emptive approach to ensure your operations can continue to run smoothly without interruption or hindrance.

Scotech Welding Supplies is your one stop shop for all of the machinery, equipment and consumables that you’ll ever need for any type of welding work.  Call our experienced and helpful staff today for any advice you may need, or simply check out our online shop to order today! Our staff are consummate professionals, always happy and eager to provide assistance where needed to help you and your business flourish to its fullest potential. We have seen it all over the years from the smallest company to the biggest, making us suitably placed to cater to all your needs.

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Can’t see the Lincoln Welder that you need?

Just because you cannot see the model of welding machine that you need in store, it doesn’t mean that we cannot obtain it for you.  Contact one of our team on 01698 745 400 with your requirements and we will check availability of that model or recommend a suitable alternative. We have previously sourced a considerable number of pieces of equipment for our customers that have not been in store therefore there is a very good chance we will be able to find what you want. Don’t hesitate but pick up the phone today.